What will my typical scheduled shift look like?

  • Because you will be choosing a Client that suits your schedule needs, you’ll find that you have a good variety of options.
    • Each Client has a set timeframe that they need service for, and you will have the opportunity to pick your schedule within their timeframe.
      • For example: Client A’s hours of servicing are from 7am – Midnight EST. That gives you the ability to schedule your required Intervals for the Client, as well as any additional Intervals you want, if available.
      • A Client might have a set amount you will need to Service on the weekends or a particular day of the week. That will depend on the Client’s needs, but you’ll see that information in their INFO prior to choosing them.
      • You might choose to work 1.5 (3 Intervals) on that day, but you can choose more or less. It’s best to schedule your time so that you have breaks. Working from home is a different environment that in an office setting and, in the beginning, you should schedule more breaks.