What sets AVS apart from other IBO Call Centers?

  • Our Owner, Christine Fox, has been servicing with on our partner platform since 2004. She has Serviced over a dozen different Clients throughout these past years.
  • Christine has not only has been an Agent like you, but she also has been in a supervisory role for years for several Clients! She’s had her own Team of Agents, as well as, a Chat Room assistance and Quality Assurance.
    • She knows what your Clients are looking in regards to your Metrics, your Commitment and more!
    • You’ll have the opportunity to attend additional support sessions utilizing her expertise!
  • You’ll receive support via emails, text messages, calls and chat! We’re here to help you SUCCEED!
  • AVS offers a Referral Program! We want you to be happy and when you’re happy, why not share the wealth!
  • As a supervisor, Christine has eased hundreds of new Agents into their new role of Servicing a Client.
  • At AVS, we have our own Perks, Giveaways and more!