What are the Start Up Costs?

As an independent contractor, you are responsible for your certification course and any equipment needed to service. The great news is that these are all tax deductible! Below are the costs involved.

  • Each Client has a one-time Fee for their Client Certification Course cost. (Averages are usually between Free – $49; with a couple higher) Our Clients have an “Earn While You Learn” Phase of their course. This allows you to start taking live calls while still in the course and earning revenue from that point forward.
  • Our partner platform has a $19.75 Service Fee per Invoice
  • Our AVS Service Fee per Invoice $25
  • Phone line. You’ll need a basic landline or a digital line for servicing Clients. Some require a LANDLINE and some just use VOIP with a USB headset.
    • This can be from your local phone company or even through your cable/internet provider. The good news is that a landline/digital line without the call waiting, call forwarding, three way calling, etc. ends up being less money a month and some cable bundles can add it on for a few dollars a month or sometimes less a month than you’re already paying. (You won’t need to get a landline unless you choose a client that requires one. No need to get one upfront)
  • And any equipment listed in our FAQ’s that you don’t already own. Don’t forget to check out our Equipment Options page for ideas!